How architecture is different from interior designing?

Architect and interior designer’s professionals will develop design plans. The main difference between them is on what they design. architects will design buildings, where interior designers use furniture, fixtures and other accessories for creating a desired look and also function for spaces inside a building.

Architects are responsible for the structure and façade of a building. They determine how it will look and where vital building systems will be located. Interior designers bring things into a space to make it functional or appealing. They choose things like furniture and arrange the materials that are used to design rooms. Architects and interior designers both need to be familiar with building codes, their client's needs and the project budget.

There is a difference between how an architect and interior designer are trained. An architect is trained in creating a structural building that meets national, state and local building codes. The interior designer is trained in creating a functional and quality interior environment. Architects are more focused on the technical requirements, interior designers on the human psychology and emotional aspects of spaces.

When we are hiring the architect for our work we will look at the forms of a space, but there is also other things such as life safety issues, engineering, exterior materials and many more. For any house, that means how exterior look like, how the house performs from an energy point of view, handling building permits and often the interior casework and also cabinetry layouts.
Job responsibilities of an architect include:
  • Attend meetings with clients
  • Review project needs
  • Prepare a design proposal and budget plan
  • Review building codes and applicable regulations
  • Finalize contracts with construction crews and contractors
  • Travel to building sites and inspect construction progress
When we hire interior designer, they are going to handle a part of a project where it deals with how the interior look. It also includes selecting interior finishes, furniture and also soft goods, where it ideally includes working with the architect on the layout of the spaces and how the cabinets, furniture and also other considerations work within the layout. All this things ensures that windows are properly placed, rooms are sized appropriately and that the whole space feels harmonious.
Job responsibilities of an interior designer include:
  • Meet with potential clients
  • Discuss projects
  • Prepare project design proposals
  • Present a project budget to clients
  • Modify their design to fit the budget and needs of the client
  • Secure materials needed for projects
As you think about your project, you should consider what services you need or want, and then assemble a team that has the ability to pull it all together. Carefully analyse all of the parts of your home that you’ll want handled beyond the basic design, and see what your consultants can do and how that is billed. Urban living is one of the best interior designers in bangalore can guide you in all the aspects of interior designing of your home and our designers also have knowledge of architecture to you in all the aspects.


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