Ways to Add a Mid-Century Modern Style designs to your home

It may be 2018, but the evocative pull of the ingenious designs of the old 19th- 20th century is taking the modern day homes back in time. The homeowners are again looking for unique mid-century modern items for their home to give a look of uniqueness. Some would also combine traditional and modern design which creates a twist of gorgeousness.
Being tired of the mass produced items that they see in most homes, the homeowners now like to choose the mid-century items to create their own interiors with a fusion of traditional and modern features. Some homeowners go in search of interior designers in bangalore to make their home take out of a boring box and turn into a mid-century architectural dream.

Bring in Wood details back

Most of the furniture we use today is made of engineered pressed wood. But in the mid-century homes are filled with basic wooden details. Make use of real wood that take centre stage instead of hiding their details because these mid-century masterpiece have clean lining of teak, walnut, oak and rosewood. If you find it difficult to search these woods, don’t worry you can find a plenty of modern made replicas that.

Consider Re-modelling

Who don’t love to add the mid-century character to their current home? Hire Best interior designers in bangalore to help your home for remodelling. Hire a competent team of designers and builders to eliminate walls to achieve an open, airy floor plan that a mid-century home would boast, it would look like a great idea. Or you can also consider something simpler like adding a mirror to your backsplash or one wall in your living room. Also look out for some mid-century homes, if you are lucky you may be filled with nostalgic ideas.

Add sculptural lightings right

Dramatic, dazzling modern marvels dangling from the ceilings are one plus point of most mid-century homes. There are some lighting such as pendent lights and fixtures which are also pieces of sculptural art. You can find numerous online artists who make custom architectural lights. To take your home into artistic era, bold lighting is another must have accessory.


Buy your furniture from flea markets, vintage shops or seek out any unique modern furniture designers who mimic mid-century lines. It is like a treasure that hunts back in time. Also skip the mass produced furniture store to make it easy to add mid-century flair to your home. Adding unique furniture you find in the market is also a easiest way to bring mid-century vibe to your home.

White paint is the right thing 

Use white colour to paint your wall because it allows high quality furnishings to take centre stage. Most home owners were proud of their home and furnishings as the white paint gives more attention. This one is sure a simple and useful tip to add mid-century modern style to the interiors.

With some of the tips we have given you above, you can achieve a mid-century modern home without any ease. Also don’t forget that ‘Less is more’ to avoid crowding your home with furnishings. We being one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore help you in giving your home a unique style based on your imagination.


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